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Miscellaneous For Sale

(25) USED JIM -BOUY model 1222GRS life floats for sale. These life floats are in good condition and were well maintained. Call (860) 848-3032

(2) VERINALIFT DUAL Stage Mufflers. 12 inch exhaust, new, never used. $1,200.00 each. (757) 287-4153

FRACTIONAL YACHT OWNERSHIP . Buy stock or enter your yacht into the program. New York Yacht Sales. (973) 454-4670

MISCELLANEOUS PIECES from 80' Shrimp Boat. 1271 engine w/ 514 Twin Disc 6:1. Keel cooled setup. Industrial front mount PTO clutch. (3) Drum fish winches. 5'6" diameter (4) blade propeller. 20'x4" stainless steel propeller shaft. Port holes & miscellaneous pieces. John (516) 527-4951

USED GM ENGINES For Sale. Used 671's, 8V71's, V12's, V16's, and used pumps & generators. Large or small starting @ $2,000. For pictures and specs & more marine misc. equipment, call (956) 943-2648 or visit our website: