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Propellers For Sale

(1) 28x30 PROPELLER, Stainless Steel, 3 blade, heavy duty, $3,300. SoCal Marine Supply (619) [email protected]

(1) 33x32 RH 3 BLADE Propeller, Stainless steel, heavy duty, $2,900. SoCal Marine Supply (619) [email protected]

68”x60P, 5” BORE, RIGHT HAND, Stainless Padgett Swann, 4 blade, 22.25” blade width, southern style, $10K. Call (508) 314-4851 oremail: [email protected]

BRAND NEW! Michigan Dyna Quad 4 Blade bronze propellers. (6) Available. 28" R. 28° pitch. 2.5 inch bore. $2,200, free shipping. (561) [email protected]

NEW AND USED Propellers For Sale. Large inventory available in BRZ, Nibral, and stainless steel. New nozzles also available. Call Texas Wheel Works, Inc. (800) 238-9402 or Fax: (409) 984-5690

NEW AND USED Propellers. Call for Availability and Pricing. Best prices and service. Various sizes, styles & metals. Used and reconditioned. Johnny's Propeller Shop. (985) 384-6940

OVER 1000 USED Propellers. See Listings w/ Photos at Largest inventory of new propellers. Frank & Jimmie's Propeller 1-(800) 228-6077

PROPELLERS AND NOZZLES, Various Conditions and Metals 18" to 180". Best buys. Spirit Marine (337) 849-4547 Email: [email protected]