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Barge For Sale Or Charter

FOR SALE BY Owner: Deck Barges, Spud Barges, Material Barges, Hopper Barges; 60'x26' to 300'x100'. ABS and inland barges. East Coast, Gulf Coast, upper rivers. (800) 227-4348

SECTIONAL BARGES, Deck Barges, Dump Scows, Hopper Barges and Spud Barges. From 10'x20' to 85'x140'. Located on East Coast & NY Canal System. J-Way Leasing (440) 840-3562

SPUD BARGES for Excavators & Crawler Cranes up to 200 tons. 20'x50' - 110'x50' - 200'x40'. Winches & (4) point anchor systems also available for bare rental. Contact: (410) [email protected]