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Barges For Sale

100x32x9.5 CONCRETE BARGE, Probably WWII vintage. Wired & plumbed office at one end, the rest open deck, also concrete. Approx. 3,000 Sq. Ft. usable storage space below deck with full head room. Need to downsize and will consider any proposal, especially trade for a much smaller barge. Not looking to get rich. (415) 332-4957

139'x50'x10 ' MATERIAL BARGE for sale. Ex-oil barge with concrete wear deck and a hinge for ramp on stern corner. $150,000. Jacksonville, FL. Delivery available for an additional fee. (352) 665-0488.

195x35x13 HOPPER BARGES . Call: (281) 635-7151

250x80x16 ABS LOAD LINE Barge, working. Call: (281) 635-7151

BUILDING SECTIONAL BARGES & Push Boats. Any truckable size. Any questions, call E&N Fabrication (812) 599-0423 or

SECTIONAL BARGES Built . Any Truckable Size. Portable Pushboats. Madison Boat and Barge, Madison Indiana, (812) 265-6255.